Class CloudSynchronizer

    • Constructor Detail

      • CloudSynchronizer

        public CloudSynchronizer​(java.util.function.Supplier<java.time.Instant> instantSupplier,
                                 ClientId clientId,
                                 IPolicyService policyService,
                                 ITimerService timerService,
                                 IPolicyDecisionPoint pdp,
                                 IManagementService cloudManagementService,
                                 boolean cacheEnabled,
                                 String policyCachePath,
                                 String timerCachePath,
                                 String maxAge,
                                 String cronSchedule,
                                 boolean masterClient,
                                 org.quartz.Scheduler scheduler)
                          throws ParseException
        instantSupplier - Supplier for current point in time (Instant)
        clientId - The clientId of the Library Client
        policyService - The local policy service
        timerService - The local timer service
        pdp - The local PDP (just to manage its failureMode state)
        cloudManagementService - The management service (cloud)
        cacheEnabled - Whether cache is enabled
        policyCachePath - File path, where to store the policy cache
        timerCachePath - File path, where to store the timer cache
        maxAge - Optional duration string to determine how long synced information is valid
        cronSchedule - Cron schedule for synchronization
        masterClient - Whether the Library Client is a master client
        scheduler - The scheduler to schedule the synchronization tasks
        ParseException - In case of invalid cron expression by parameter cronSchedule